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My Personal Journey to Optimal Health

My Story

I was your typical “healthy” woman. I thought I had a “pretty healthy” diet, I exercised regularly, played competitive tennis for 20 years, and everything seemed to be fine on the surface. As time passed, I began experiencing what seemed to be typical minor joint and muscle pains that I simply dismissed as part of the aging process.

Then one day I was blindsided by the reality that my body was breaking down. A routine doctor’s visit had revealed that I had developed a number of serious health issues. These included diabetes, high cholesterol levels, chronic kidney disease, and osteopenia. I was also experiencing digestion problems, hormone imbalances, unexplained weight gain, hair loss, more severe joint and muscle pain and agonizing restless leg syndrome.

The news from the blood results was very shocking to me since I thought I was taking care of myself. I finally realized all these problems were a result of years of chronic stress, in addition to a genetic predisposition for these health conditions that worsened with certain foods and lifestyle choices. Something had to change but I wasn’t sure where to turn or who to trust.

Conventional medicine would ultimately lead me down a path towards prescription medication and I knew this would only manage my illnesses but not reverse it. Knowing the negative side effects of prescription medications I decided to seek an alternative solution. And I found it… 

The Healing Properties of Good Nutrition

This experience inspired me to embark on a quest to demystify what “healthy” really means and what I discovered is that food is medicine. To learn the root cause of my health problems in order to find healthy solutions so that I could reverse my own health issues. As I began my pursuit of understanding nutrition, it became my mission to inspire others to find an alternative solution to solving their health problems and using prescription drugs.

The Study of Nutrition

Through my nutrition education and becoming a Certified Nutritionist, I developed my own nutrition program and lifestyle modifications which resulted in reversing my chronic health issues and restoring my good health. Most importantly, I felt empowered that I could address any future health issues that may arise down the road.

I realized what I achieved was life changing! I no longer feared symptoms and didn’t rush to visit a doctor when something was wrong. I truly understood the power of nutrition and wanted to inspire others to transform their own lives to feel empowered to create their own path to health. The OC Nutritionist was founded on this concept.

Susan Pugach


Certification in Nutrition from Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy
Encinitas, California

Applied Clinic Nutrition Certification, Southern California, University of Health Science
Los Angeles, California

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing
California State University, Fullerton


Some of My Extended Coursework:

Balancing the Endocrine System

Sports Nutrition

Art of Nutrition, How to Change Lives

Vitamins and Minerals

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