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Nancy D.

I want to say that the O.C. Nutritionist (Susan Pugach) helped me get myself healthy! I just completed a 6 month journey with her as my guide. She is very patient as well as very knowledgeable! Not only did I lose 22 lbs., but I feel amazing! I have so much more energy and I am off all medications! When I started seeing Susan in December, I was a mess. I was having trouble sleeping, I had low energy and I was on hormone replacements. She first healed my gut, got me to eat clean and I went through a 21 day cleanse that really turned my body around. I highly recommend Susan to anyone that is having health related issues. She works with everyone's individual needs and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. In addition to the weight loss, I feel 10 years younger!!

Chuck R.

For about a year and a half I had been looking for a nutrition program that would fit my lifestyle. Spent time with about 5 different nutritionist and nutrition minded health care providers. They had good concepts and information. "Eat healthy, exercise and oh, by the way, buy our product." I met Susan and found right away her approach to nutrition was common sense. Eat whole food and fill in with "true" whole food supplements. She is extremely knowledgeable and very conscientious about a person's life style in her recommendations. Provides very good guidance, research and supoort. Plus she's quite pleasant to work with. Definitely worth the effort. The change in quality of food, her body cleanse process and diet improvement has given me more energy. My blood levels also normalized. You don't have to be over weight to have high levels. She is someone I would highly recommend. You will find value with her. Enjoy a new lifestyle of eating, feeling and healthier living.

Sarah B., 33

I went to Susan a few months ago. I have had some health issues I've been dealing with and Susan was able to really get down to the core of it. She worked with me to tweak a few things and really understand my personal health battles. With her amazing tips I have been able to really maintain how I feel with regained energy, less brain fog, and more motivation! It's been really great to be back to feeling like I'm more in control of how food has been making me feel and it's all thanks to Susan!

Diana K, 50

I have been experiencing an array of health problems over the past year. I went from doctor to doctor trying to get a diagnosis. While many illnesses were ruled out, they still could not get to the bottom of what was going on. I was given numerous medication prescriptions but I felt that was only going to mask my symptoms, and I did not want to take that route. I then started working with Susan. She helped to identify what was going on in my system, and started me on a diet and supplement plan. While I’m still on the road to getting myself healthy, Susan has been invaluable in this process!

Trudy F, 79

I recently had knee replacement surgery and was in a lot of pain on very heavy drugs. I was feeling sick every day, no energy, disoriented, and very depressed. I am 79 and my husband is 88. He needed me to recover quickly as the doctors had told me I would. After 5 weeks of feeling this way and no improvement, I was referred to Susan. She worked with me by phone guiding me on what I needed to eat and also suggested whole food supplements. Within a day or two I was feeling some energy, the pain had started to subside. I discontinued my medication and with the week I was feeling like my old self again and the pain had disappeared and no more brain foggy and groggy. Its been a month now since Susan starting helping me and I have return fully to my old self, no pain, full of energy, I have changed my diet to whole food organic foods, stopped my cholesterol medicine and I am sleeping and feeling younger and more alive than ever. Thank you Susan and God bless you!*

Scott M, 58

After reaching age 50, I still followed the health regimen that I had used during my prior adult years; that is, not worrying much about my food intake and focusing on my exercise routines. Unfortunately, I was not getting the results that I had experienced previously. I was unable to keep off the weight and I was experiencing digestive issues among other negative health conditions. Once I became a client of Susan Pugach, she helped me realize that what I ate (and did not eat) was the cause of my adverse health issues and she assisted me in establishing and implementing healthy eating habits. After a couple of weeks I dropped 15 lbs. and felt energized and fantastic and, most importantly, my digestive and other issues had nearly disappeared. Now, three months have passed since starting with my “new” eating habits and I am happy to say that I have lost a total of 30 lbs. and have never felt better. Without Susan’s assistance and support, I would not be in the healthy condition that I am today. She is FANTASTIC!!*

Judy V, 55

Before I saw Susan I thought I was eating healthy, wasn’t happy with how my skin looked, and my energy felt low. With Susan’s knowledge and helpful advice about how to improve my nutrition, I have lost weight and inches and know how to manage it better by making better food choices. I have more energy, no longer have sleepless nights, and I even get asked what I’ve “had done” to my face as my skin appears smoother and younger looking. Susan is very passionate about helping others feel good and live happier, healthier lives!

Ed M., 60

Susan took me from ignorance into understanding of what my body needs to help me live a better quality of life as I grow older. I was working out at the gym way too much & just wasn’t seeing the results. Also, I couldn’t seem to lose the weight. My cholesterol & triglycerides were high. I had struggled to get things under control but just couldn’t seem to make it happen. She walked me through everything & before I knew it I was developing new habits that helped get my weight under control. I also noticed that my muscle mass was becoming more defined as I developed better nutritional & exercise habits. My energy had increased & stamina had increased which gave me a big incentive to keep reaching for my goals. Thanks Susan for all your time & patience working with me. I know there were lots of struggles where I’d fall off the wagon or come up with my own solutions but in the end I couldn’t have ended up where I’m at now without your help.

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